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"Once your eyes have been awakened to the true nature of the political system, the economic system, the monetary system…there’s no going back. Your life is changed forever, and what’s more: you feel a deep sense of moral urgency to help as many others as you possibly can." The Wealth Watchman

About Terry Norton

I'm just the average 69 year old man, except I don't feel old like the typical old man. My life’s work was as an electronics engineer. Today I dabble in computer programming, care for handicapped clients that live in our home, keep track of the world's economic condition along with the world's banking system.

I’m also a published author. I wrote the book “Learning C# by developing games with Unity 3D” in 2013, published by Packt Publishing. Seems I’ve accomplished more in my latter years than all my prime working years. In this part of my life I have this drive to teach.

I’m not a pastor, and I’ve never had any formal religious education, and I thank God for that. Even though I’ve been a Christian my whole life, my church attendance has been spotty at best. As a young child I attended a Presbyterian Sunday school. As a young teen I was borderline atheist. Well, I thought I was, I had a teen brain at the time. In my late teens I attended a Baptist church with my aunt. Yes, I wanted to attend church after all. In the Air Force I became a Mormon Elder. My first wife was Mormon. That was interesting and lasted a couple of years. A few years later I started attending Catholic services for several years with my second wife, but never joined the church. Yes, we're still going strong after 42 years. Then I attended Herbert W. Armstrong’s Worldwide Church of God. That fell through, too, around 1985.

I was being called to Christ, but nothing I attended seemed right. Throughout my life, most of my forays into organized religions were greatly influenced by people with whom I associated, like grandparents, aunts, and my wife. Regardless, nothing was right, yet I could feel the persistent prodding by the Spirit. However, since 1985 I have not been associated with any particular denomination. How is it that the Holy Spirit has called me all these years, yet He kept pulling me away from any church I attended? You'd think by now I would have simply said "To heck with all this, nothing makes sense with all this religious garbage."

Most people just seem to either grow up in a church, or join a church, then stay there perfectly content. I thought maybe I was influenced by family members, that I was attending churches based on other people's beliefs, and not what I thought was the correct church for me. I did attend the Worldwide Church of God without any family influence, but that didn't fulfill anything either. I felt like I was being led around on a leash. I looked into the Seventh Day Adventist. Nope. No matter which denomination I looked into, I was unfulfilled because God wasn't there in any of those churches. Yet, the Holy Spirit kept pulling me, but to where, or what?

Where Am I Going?

I've spent my whole life not fitting into any denomination I studied or attended. Was there something wrong with me? Why couldn't I find a denomination that I could associate? I felt like the square peg that just couldn't fit into any of the round holes available. Well, after all these years, the light finally came on. The Holy Spirit wanted me to obey the Word of Jesus, not any of the organized churches with their man-made traditions. It seems so simple now in hindsight. I was supposed to go through all those typical religions so that I could finally see. After the light finally came on, I then found out what I was supposed to do. Oh dear!

The Holy Spirit is pushing me to do something more than just believe in Jesus Christ as my Savior, and certainly not just attend some church services somewhere. I finally understand that I'm not to be a simple Jesus believer and follower, but a teacher. I know, I know, how could I possibly be a teacher without being brainwashed by some theology school? (Yes, I said it that way on purpose) No, I don’t have any sense that I’m to become a pastor or have a church. In fact, you will see that the church organizations that have been created over the past 2000 years were never how Jesus intended his people to study and worship Him, the Holy Spirit, or the Father. What I do know is that I've been poked and poked and poked by the Holy Spirit to connect a great many dots so other people can finally "get it," and have their "Ah-Ha" moment as well.

Now that I know that organized religions and churches are not what they appear to be, I am free of man's religious traditions, which in turn allows me to understand what the Bible really says. Over the years the Holy Spirit has shown me many people with various insights which has brought a very big picture into view. I wish I could say a vision, but it's only been through study in various fields that has allowed me to see and bring together many diverse dots. Let me say up front that earth's history is quite amazing and downright appears to be sci-fi material, except historical evidence says it's real. Remember were talking about God here, and even the Bible sounds like sci-fi in places.

I tolerated history in high school, but came to love it later when viewed through God's filter. Knowing Jesus is the most important thing that ever happened to me and has made human history more fascinating, but especially earth's geological history when seen through Bible scripture. I like sci-fi, except this isn't fiction. Now here I am using ancient and recent history to connect a lot of dots for the immediate future, connecting God’s plan and Satan's plan with the events taking place in the world right now, and especially in the immediate future. I have to say, the past 6000 years of human history makes sense now. Seeing what’s to come is even more fascinating, and quite scary at the same time.

I'm feeling more like a history teacher. I know, b-o-r-i-n-g, but it won't be. What you will probably be is mad as hell at either me or your church, but that's great! Get out your Bible and check it yourself, and dive into the websites and books I'll reference in the footnotes at the bottom of my web pages. Then you can decide who should get your wrath, either your church for being very lax in its duty to teach you, or me for wasting your time me.